{VIDEO} How To Prevent Pregnancy Nausea

The three of us all felt a bit ill recently and it somehow reminded me of the time I was pregnant, the first couple of months to be more specific. 😉 I felt nauseous – all day long – up until the 12 week mark and then I didn’t really […]

My Favourite Daily Detox Tool

Detox Dry Skin Brushing

I’d love to share my favourite daily detox tool with you. Actually, I’ve got a couple favourites… but today I want to share one with you that is super quick, easy, effective and at the same time very relaxing and gentle enough to use during pregnancy or if you’re nursing. […]

Balance is a waste of time

Balance is a sticky subject among many people. We have careers, partners, children, family commitments, charity work, classes, hobbies, and more – plus, big desires to improve our health. How can we possibly balance so many things? I’m going to let you in on a little secret here: You can’t. Balance. […]

Get Happier With My Magic Formular (plus tasty recipe!)

What makes you smile? Laugh? Go giddy with glee? For some, it’s a walk barefoot through the grass. For another, it’s a spin on a roller coaster, a movie date, or a perfectly ripe mango. So… when was the last time you did something that makes you happy? If it’s […]

How to make your dreams come true

The stories are everywhere – always uplifting, always inspiring:  the girl that lost 20 pounds and achieved her dream body after being on a fitness programme for only 12 weeks the woman who created a wellness centre in her inner city neighbourhood the mother who worked tirelessly bringing her sick child […]

Your mother told you so…

The report is due in two hours. Or perhaps you’re in the middle of an exam. Or you’re making sales calls. Suddenly, bam! Around 10:30 am you hit a wall. All you want to do is look out the window or put your head on the table.   Hmm… what […]

Exactly how full is your glass?

Picture a big glass goblet filled to the halfway mark with water. How do you see it – half-full or half-empty?  Consistently finding the glass half-empty – and the world as a difficult place – is a hallmark of negativity.  Research has found that a negative outlook can contribute to […]

10 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is when most of the important repair work is done, but nowadays one of our biggest health challenge is the lack of enough time for resting and repairing. When I started my business, unfortunately I wasn‘t really able to keep up with my usual eight hours of sleep per […]