Get Happier With My Magic Formular (plus tasty recipe!)

What makes you smile? Laugh? Go giddy with glee? For some, it’s a walk barefoot through the grass. For another, it’s a spin on a roller coaster, a movie date, or a perfectly ripe mango. So… when was the last time you did something that makes you happy? If it’s […]

Mmm… chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s definitely my favourite sweet treat ever. It’s the only ingredient that is its very own food group. Well not really – but it seems as if it should be. 😉 Powerfully comforting, creamy, delicious – many people eat chocolate at least several times a week. Which brings […]

Go beyond the salad

When you think about healthy eating, salads and green vegetables usually come to mind. But how about adding a little more variety to your plan? One of my go to meals during the winter months, when all you want is to cosy up with a warm meal, are root vegetables. Root […]