Client Love

I'd like to thank you for helping us (mainly me) on our journey to a calm and happy birthing experience.  Although we've not had the joy of meeting our little bundle yet I am now excited and hurrying on the day we do - instead of cowering in the corner hoping she will miraculously just appear.
That was our main reason for applying for your Wise Hippo programme. I was so apprehensive about the pain of giving birth. And everyone is so forthcoming in giving you their horror stories of birth that I needed to find a way to overcome that fear. I know women give birth every day and have been doing for centuries but I have never truly experienced pain. So approached birth with dread.
Prior to attending your classes I discussed with Ryan and he was completely supportive. Anything that would make me feel better about birthing our baby was a must. I'm not sure he fully understood what it would entail but we both came along open minded and happy that we were choosing the right path to birthing our baby. I'd spoken to a select few friends about hypnobirthing and they all seemed to fully support it - although still insist on telling me their scary birthing stories.
Having completed the course I have come away feeling positive and enthusiastic about birth. I know exactly what I'd like to happen but am also open minded to change - as anything could happen on the day.
I often think "am I actually excited and confident about birth? Or is it just an act for other people as well as myself?". I've decided that I am prepared and ready for the birth of our baby and the affirmations go on every time I doubt my own feelings. I have the tools to overcome any negativity that creeps in.
Practicing my breathing techniques as well as hypnosis has become part of my daily routine. I have experienced Braxton Hicks contractions which has enabled me to put the techniques into practice. Ryan also really enjoys listening to "The Sea of Serenity" at night as he has carried the stress of day to day life throughout our pregnancy.
I obviously enjoyed the massage section of the programme. But also knowing that I can self hypnotise at any time will be a life long tool for me. Especially when the little one is crying non stop - I can take myself to my special place.
Ryan has been so supportive throughout my pregnancy and this was another part of it. He can use the techniques in day to day life and listen to the MP3s when he's feeling super stressed and can't sleep at night - which might help when our bundle is here keeping us all awake.
Lucienne you have been amazing and exceeded our expectations with your kindness, words of encouragement and advice. I am particularly appreciative of the extra session on turning our baby. It was something I felt so apprehensive about. The thought of having to have a C-Section put the fear back into me. But you gave us a list of alternative options and the tools to turn her ourselves. Which worked.
I would highly recommend you to anyone fearful of birth. It has been an educational journey for both of us. We look forward to sharing our birthing experience with you when the time is upon us. HURRY UP BABY D WE WANT TO MEET YOU!!!
Alison & Ryan Dobson – Wise Hippo Birthing Programme & Breech Birth Session
Owner at Frankies Beauty
What prompted me to apply for the Wise Hippo Birthing programme was that I have heard good things about hypnobirthing. I read a book on it from the library and it seemed that it could help me in giving birth the natural way. Me and my partner wanted to do the programme to help us with the techniques and learn more about the body and how it gives birth. Before attending the classes I was full of anxiety about giving birth because of all the horror stories you hear and see in the media. I wanted more knowledge so I could feel more at ease as I felt really underprepared. I thought I would have to rely on medication for the pain. I am now quite excited about the thought of giving birth and meeting my baby boy. I feel ready as I know what to do in each stage, I was supported through The Wise Hippo in writing a birth plan which puts our wishes in place for the midwifes. I now know how to breathe properly and put myself in a relaxed state of mind. With regards to the hypnosis techniques I was scared at first, because I thought I was going to be unconscious and someone else hypnotising me. But in reality you are completely in control of your body, breathing and mind. I am happy in using the techniques and have been practising them when I feel anxious or can’t sleep and it really works. I loved learning about the body and how it responds to birth. I now know you need to just trust your body, breathe and relax and it will know what to do. I also liked learning about the practical advice about your birth wishes and the options you have which I would be completely ignorant about. My husband Dan now feels like he knows what to do to help me when I am in labour. Practical advice like counting my surges, relaxing massage and keeping me fed and watered will help him help me relax. Other pregnant women keep asking me how I know that and I tell them it’s because of The Wise Hippo programme. It’s very empowering to be full of practical knowledge and techniques in making birth a relaxing experience.
Lana & Dan Grindley – Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Before attending the course I felt completely overwhelmed at the thought of my birth and worried about the pain and the recovery with having another child to care for. The sessions were really useful and despite not knowing you personally, I found you very easy to talk to and open up to. After the course I felt much more prepared mentally and used the techniques daily to help me overcome my anxiety. I loved falling asleep to the audio and it really gave me a different way to deal with stress, negative thoughts and worries. My favourite part was the ‘Thought Exchange’ - swapping a negative thought for a positive one - and the visualisation techniques. I felt positive about my baby’s birth rather than thinking of it as an operation. The course really helped me to focus my thoughts in the operating room, shift any negative thoughts regarding pain and silencing out all of the activity in the theatre. Honestly, the birth was fantastic and I really attribute this to you. Xxx

Carly & Lee Crellin – Wise Hippo Confident C-Section Programme
Health Visitor - Cumbria, UK
I loved working with Lucienne. She helped me get clarity on my goals, and motivation to achieve them. Lucienne made sessions fun, she can really listen, is very supportive, and able to challenge my limiting beliefs when necessary. I feel like I now have more focus, increased energy and I am ready to go out and take on the world. I would recommend working with Lucienne to anyone who wants to discover what else they can achieve in life.
Joanna Fiminska – Health Coaching

When I wasn't sure if I could reach my goal, scared I might fail and anxious to face a new challenge, Lucienne helped me motivate myself again. She reminded me to have fun and enjoy the process instead. I rediscovered my strength every step of the way when things got tricky and was actually looking forward to reaching my goal. I now know I can trust my body and my mind achieving the things in life that make me feel stronger, and I'm ready to set new goals for my life, my health, and my fitness. I recommend working with Lucienne to anyone who feels like they need the support to transform their health and fitness goals into reality.

Agnieszka Dudlik – Health Coaching
Accountant - Lake District, UK

Being coached by Lucienne improved my health so much. I reached out to her when no one else was able to help me. She knew exactly what to do. With her advice I changed from being miserably in pain to feeling at peace and pain-free in just a few days! Her knowledge in nutrition, health and wellbeing is impressive and I am very grateful to her. Not only did she give me easy, simple but impactful advice but she also supported me and gave me hope that my body can heal if only I give it what it needs. I feel I have my life back. What a gift! Thank you Lucienne.

Paola Susin – Health Coaching

When I began the 3 month program with Lucienne, my main goals were to discover new/more variety of foods, boost my energy levels mid-afternoon and to create ideas for food on the go. Being in the health and fitness industry myself, I already had an understanding of the basics about food but felt I needed to deepen my knowledge and my own individual practices when it came to what I should eat. Working with Lucienne's support on a weekly basis gave me the tools to put changes into place and to open my eyes to new ways of understanding and using the right food as fuel to sustain my energy - important for a fitness instructor on the go and teaching several fitness classes a day. The most notable change since starting the program has been discovering variety - I tended to eat the same foods and stuck to what I thought to be good options. Now my vegetarian recipe collection has expanded and I'm much more experimental with my home cooking from scratch. Overall, the program has made me review and refresh my food patterns by adding variety and I have greatly improved my nutritional knowledge through Lucienne's coaching. Since the program ended, I feel more energised during my working day and I know I'm ready to tackle challenges that everyday life brings in relation to food. Lucienne delivered a professional standard of service throughout the program, offering support in our one to one sessions and follow up email support. She was a great source of encouragement throughout the program and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. Lucienne applied her expertise in Nutritional Coaching and directed it to my learning pace and level. Everyone has different needs or reasons to seek the advice and work with a health coach - I reached my goals with Lucienne's help and the program has been an invaluable investment. As a fitness instructor, I rely on my body functioning well in order to earn an income. Following this 90 day program with Lucienne, my knowledge on how good nutrition can assist my health has increased and I fully recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their health and food awareness.

Katie Marston – Health Coaching